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Testing options

The advanced functional tests that I use in clinic are conducted by trusted laboratories. They are not available on the NHS or from most mainstream healthcare providers.

It is sometimes helpful to conduct functional testing to me to evaluate any underlying imbalances and reveal potential root causes of your symptoms. I can then create a bespoke programme tailored to your specific needs in terms of diet, lifestyle, and supplements, helping you to get results faster.

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functional test

I use a world-class, accurate and sophisticated test to measure hormones. It provides a detailed insight into sex hormones, plus their metabolites, neurotransmitters, stress hormones and nutrient deficiencies. Unidentified hormone imbalances can have a direct and profound effect on your mood.

Here are some of the symptoms which may lead me to recommend hormone testing;


Low mood



Weight Gain

High Blood Pressure

Difficulty conceiving

Brain fog or impaired memory

Frequent colds or infections

Heavy / painful periods

Endometriosis, fibroids, PMS

Host Flushes


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Gut Health

functional test

The advanced stool test I use is the most comprehensive on the market which gives an accurate picture of your gastrointestinal health and provides actionable clinical data. Markers include bacteria (friendly and unfriendly), parasites, yeast, inflammation, immune function, digestion, and gut barrier health. The health of your digestive tract has a direct impact on your mood and numerous studies have linked a disturbance in gut bacteria population (dysbiosis) with depression and anxiety.

Here are some of the symptoms which may lead me to recommend gut testing:

Constipation or diarrhoea


Cramps or indigestion

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)




Weight gain


Joint Pain


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functional test

As an associate practitioner, I am now pleased to offer ethical nutrigenomic testing in partnership with Lifecode GX.

Nutrigenomics is a truly personalised way of prescribing a diet and lifestyle that is completely unique to you and your DNA, getting even better results more quickly.

Here are some of the conditions which may lead me to recommend nutrigenomic testing:

Difficulty conceiving


Allergies and intolerances

Cardiovascular disease

Weight issues




Hormonal issues

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Thyroid Health

functional test

Unidentified thyroid issues are common and can directly lead to many undesirable symptoms and conditions including poor mood regulation. The thyroid involves several different hormones, and it is important to test them all, including looking for signs of thyroid autoimmunity, frequently neglected in mainstream healthcare.

​It is common to see clients who have already been tested by their doctor and been told that they are ‘normal’, or they are on thyroid medication and still having symptoms.

Here are some of the symptoms which may lead me to recommend thyroid testing:

Cold hands/feet


High cholesterol

Dry skin

Thinning hair and/or poor nails



Brain fog

Memory loss

Difficulty losing weight

Joint pain

Low Libido

Blood Panel

functional test

I use a comprehensive blood test which includes markers that look at Full Blood Count, liver and kidney health, inflammation, key vitamin and mineral status, diabetes, and cholesterol.  Imbalances in many of these areas can be linked to mood dysregulation, poor sleep and low energy levels.

  • What are the benefits of testing?
    Precision: It is possible to be intuitive about symptoms but having the back up of a physical test ensures the absolute best overall clinical picture. I can devise a natural protocol which is targeted with precision to specific imbalances, and you will see results much more quickly. Personalisation: You are unique, and the all-purpose mainstream medical approach does not always work for everyone. Testing enables us to get to the root causes rather than simply masking your symptoms. Better motivation: Understanding your symptoms better through test results can increase your motivation and engagement with the programme.
  • Do I need to do the tests?
    Although I am trained to have a good idea of what symptoms may mean, I do not like to assume and prefer all my clients to have some form of testing, depending on their symptoms. I might do this via your GP or suggest a functional test. I know that you want results and I have found that testing takes out any guesswork and is the quickest way to get my clients on the path to feeling better
  • Can my Doctor do these tests?
    You can get some blood tests done with your doctor and will always strive to request certain tests via your GP. However, because resources are limited, you may only get certain markers looked at. Most doctors do not have access to the advanced tests that are available to private practitioners
  • Are your programmes covered by health insurance?
    Unfortunately, no, but this may change in the future and please let me know if you find a company that does cover nutritional therapy.
  • How does the testing work?
    If functional testing is recommended, the test kits are sent direct to your home with straightforward instructions. Once you have collected the samples, you just post them to the laboratory in their return packages. If you require a blood test, I will arrange a nurse visit or a local appointment for a blood draw
  • Who do you work with?
    I work with people who are ready to look for answers as to why they feel the way they do and want ongoing, personalised support to feel better naturally.
  • Do you offer single consultations?
    Single consultations tend not to work well for making long-term and sustainable changes. I find that people need more support and multiple consultations give us the opportunity to adjust as we go along to achieve the best results. I also find that overwhelming clients all in one go is unhelpful and I am a huge advocate of practical and manageable steps.
  • Do I need to be in the UK?
    You can live almost anywhere in the world to become a client if you have access to a good internet connection. Testing kits can be shipped to most countries, dependent on local laws and customs regulations. Consultations are delivered online or over the phone. Please contact me for more information on which countries I can ship to.


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